Useful Links

A superb resource for locating campsites – lots of free ones too – in Europe (not in English, but you can’t have everything!)

These guys rock.  So much useful information for overlanders.

Don’t buy your oil from Halfords.

For chassis swaps, fabrication, anything Land Rover related – highly recommended.  And they have a playstation with a projector to pacify kids.

The name says it all…

This man knows everything about the Sahara.  Literally.  We have a copy of his “Overlanders Handbook” and it is great.

If you own a Disco2, you need to visit this page.  Especiually if you have rattly rear seat backs.  This is literally the only place on the web with the correct info for the fix, including part numbers.  Each link needs the URL corrected (I copy/paste into notepad – replace “” with “” and all will be good)

If you are in Northern Ireland (or ROI for that matter) and you burst an airspring, this guy is amazing.  We were back on the road in minutes.

Permethrin.  Much more concentrated and far cheaper than what is available in the UK…  dilute to 0.4%, soak your clothes.  Lasts for a few months.  Die bugs, die.




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