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Lots of Flags

We drove to Dover, and we went on a ferry to France.  Daddy had to drive on the wrong side of the road.

We went to a famous beach at Dunkirk.  In World War Two, lots of soldiers were rescued from this beach, (around 330,000!). Then we drove to a campsite in a field in Belgium.  There were sheep, one pony and ducks.  The sheep escaped to eat the clover in the field.  There was also a cat that ate some of my chicken BBQ!

After dinner we walked to a (Trappist) abbey.  There was lots of brussel sprouts and corn in the fields.

The next day Daddy drove for 11 hours through The Netherlands and Germany.  It was boring.

Today was a great day.  We had piklets for breakfast! We camped next to the Nord-Ostsee Kanal.   There were lots of big boats with containers on them.  I ran along the tow path to chase one.

Then we drove to Denmark, to the town where Lego is made.  We are camping in a Lego playground.  My favourite is the Ninjago playground with lots to climb on.  We entered a challenge to win some lego.

There are lots of flags on the car now! It looks amazing!

Cheltenham and camping

IMG_2029A few weeks ago I went to my friend Edgar’s house in Cheltenham with Esme, Jonty, Alexander, Suzie, Scott and Charlie. Edgar has a big swimming pool with a current in it. He also has 16 drum kits and three cats.  There were lots of big beds and we slept in one.  We had a bbq for dinner.

Before we went to Edgar’s, we went to Sudeley Castle where Henry VIII spent a lot of time with his wives. Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived. There were lovely gardens at the castle with lots of flowers. A wedding was going on in the chapel. The bride looked very nice.

Last weekend we went to Cecile’s woods to camp and bbq.  There is a swing there, and we had a campfire.  There were some naughty sheep who were not supposed to be in the woods.

The Ten Pieces

Yesterday I went to the Ten Pieces.  To get there we went on a train from Slough to Paddington then we walked across Hyde Park to the Royal Albert Hall.  At the front there were five statues one of Africa one of Asia and one of Prince Albert with two more that I can’t remember.

When we went inside we had to show our bags.  As soon as we sat down someone told us the Orchestra was missing so we all had to clap our hands to get the Orchestra to come out.  Last a spellcaster with a big stick and feather said the music will summon the Firebird back so the feather will be magic again.

My favourite was O Fortuna.  After that we walked back through Hyde Park and then to Paddington then we jumped on a train to Slough.  We all loved it.

Isle of Man

Yesterday I went on a ferry to the Isle of Man.  This is an island between England and Ireland.  It has a red flag with three legs on it.

First we went to a big red waterwheel.  It was called Lady Isabella. It was huge and I got wet when we were climbing to the top.

Then we went to a Victorian house.  There was an activity trail and I got a ladybird backpack with a skipping rope, a magnifying glass and a kaleidoscope in it.  We had to go around the garden and find different animal pictures. There were also real sheep that were brown and had lots of horns (Devil Sheep! – Ed.).


Today I went to a beach and Peel Castle.  On the way we had an ice cream and a magician served it.  He did two magic tricks. He made a pen lid appear in his ear, and a rubber band pass through another rubber band!  Peel Castle was very old.

Then we went to the Sound where we saw the Calf of Man (a little island) and we saw seals in the water!

Then we went to Castletown and saw Castle Rushen. The castle had lots of fake people set up from the past.  In the Medieval room there were lots of tapestrys on the wall and we saw people eating a peacock.   They used their fingers and stale bread for plates.

Tomorrow we go back to England.



Yesterday the car was broken (a mere flesh wound, Ed.), so we had to take it to a Landrover Spares place.  After it was fixed we went to the DARK HEDGES. (scary voice).

The trees were all shaped differently and were funny.  The sign said it was the 5th best, beautiful tree tunnel in the world. They were beech trees and are about 200 years old.

After this we went to the Giant’s Causeway.  The stones had 5 or 6 edges and are made of basalt, which is heavier than a cube of chalk.  We walked to the causeway and could climb on the stones.  It was fun.

We had a pirate lunch at The Smugglers Inn. I had sausages, beans and mash, and it was called the ScoobyDoo.


Then we went to Ballygally and stayed at our friend Rob’s house.  His house was amazing. It had a stream running through it, a trampoline, 3 different swings and a mud kitchen.  My favourite was the bucket swing, and I liked the mud kitchen.