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Sehlabathebe National Park

We did a lot of bumpy roads to get to Sehlabathebe National Park. We camped next to an old lodge. The next day we did a really long walk. Daddy said it was the same as a half marathon! (21km)

We were trying to find Tsoelikanyane waterfall, but we got a bit lost. The path wasn’t very clear and there were no signs. Finally we found it! Daddy threw a rock and we counted to 4 before we saw it splash.


On the way back to the car Daddy nearly stood on a snake. It hissed at him. When we checked in our animal book, it looked like a Mozambique Spitting Cobra!! It was a bit scary.  We also found a porcupine spike. We were looking for a bearded vulture but the birds in the sky were up too high to see properly.

In the afternoon we looked around some of the rocks. They were very cool.  Some were like caves and had stone walls underneath. Some of the walls were for a house and others were a corral for animals. On the top of the rock you could see where the water had worn through. There was an arch, and one really big rock that looked like a table!

I saw a rainbow, it was beautiful. Then we headed back to Durban.



Yesterday we went to Fes. We took a taxi. The driver tooted his horn a lot!

The first thing we did was walk through the Medina to the Tanneries. This is where they make leather from goat and camel skin. We saw the skins being soaked and then all the hair being scraped off. The hair is used for carpets. The skins are dyed in big tubs and then dried. Some of the dyes were: paprika, saffron, henna, mint, tumeric. It was a bit smelly so they gave us mint, which smells nice. We bought a pouffe and he tried to get us to buy more, but we just wanted one.

Then we walked round the medina and saw lots of shops like Marrakesh. I liked it better because there were less mopeds and donkeys in the streets. I saw shops selling leather stuff, wooden bowls, slippers, lanterns, and food. My favourite was one selling carpets, but we didn’t buy one.

I won the lunch stop again. Mummy and Daddy had kebabs, and I had a pastella. This is a chicken pie with almonds and spice (filo like pastry) with sugar and cinnamon on top. It was yummy. The problem with choosing the best lunch is that every one tries to steal it!

We walked through the blue gate which is called Bab Bou Jeloud.

We went to a place called the Medersa Bou Inania which had lots of tiles and wooden carvings. It was used as a religious school.

Then we went to Batha Palace. This was a museum with lots of ceramic plates, jewellery, different clothes, a big gun and a sword. There was a nice garden in the middle.

After Fes we drove through Chefchaouen to Tangier Med Port. All the buildings were painted blue in Chefchaouen. Africa played a trick on us and the GPS took us off road over a hill to the port instead of the proper smooth road. Daddy loved it, it was very bumpy. Then we caught a boat to Algericas, and saw a rainbow. Good bye Africa till next year.


Yesterday we drove to Schwangau. That means swan in German. We went to two castles, and they both had lots of swan pictures.

Yesterday we went to Hohenschwangau. The castle was yellow. The queen had her own guest room, reading room, writing room, dressing room and bedroom. The king had his own rooms too on the floor above. There was a spiral staircase hidden in the wall connecting them. The rooms were all painted with beautiful pictures. Every room had a tile stove and the servants could heat them from inside the walls. So the king would never see the servants. I liked King Ludwig’s bedroom because there was a picture of a tree and the ceiling had a painted night sky.  The king put holes in the ceiling, and the servants lit oil lamps above to make it look like real stars. King Ludwig’s mother liked to climb mountains.

Today we went to Neuschwanstein.  This is the castle that King Ludwig built, but he died before it was completed. This castle was white stone. We went through the King’s rooms. They all had lots of paintings on the walls. Genevieve liked the throne room and the mosaic floor. I liked the singer’s hall, because it had a big painting of a forest.  King Ludwig even had a fake cave in the castle. He was a bit crazy!

The castles were incredible, but we could’t take photos inside, so you will have to see yourself…


Today we drove to Salzburg, one of Mummy and Daddy’s favourite places. We took a bus into the old town.

First we walked in the Mirabel gardens.  There were flowers laid out in pretty patterns and lots of statues. This was in the Sound of Music film.

Then we walked along the streets under the fortress.  There were lots of shops, my favourite was one with thousands of eggs.  The eggs had the inside blown out and were painted lots of different colours. Some had glitter and gems, and some had pictures painted.  I am going to try blowing eggs and painting them in England. We also saw nutcrackers and there were lots of shops with Mozart chocolates. Mozart (a composer) was born here.  We have listened to his music in the car.

Then we walked up to the fortress.  It was a long way up! The fortress has never been taken by force. We saw murder holes in the entrance way, where the soldiers would pour boiling water or oil on the people underneath. Then we went inside. There were displays on the military, which Daddy liked.

There was also a puppet museum. I liked these best, my favourite was Papageno and Papagena from the Magic Flute.

Then we took the cable car down back to the town. There were horses and carriages in the town too.

We also went into the Cathedral.  It was huge.