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To County Donegal


Yesterday I went to Kylemore Abbey. It was all very beautiful.  It was an old girls boarding school run by nuns.  The school has closed but the nuns are still there.  There was lots of old stuff, like priests robes.

There was a big walled garden with lots of flowers and vegetables.  The flowers were arranged in shapes. There was even a snorty pig.  We also saw a bird smashing a snail shell to eat the snail!

Then we walked up another cliff, called Slieve League.  It was a big hill and we had to walk all the way up.  But I got a hot dog at the top.  Mummy and Daddy shared a lobster roll.

Then we went to a campsite with the biggest sand dune!


Aran Adventure

A few days ago, Mummy and Daddy took us on an adventure to the Aran Islands.  They are off the coast of Ireland.  We took a fast boat to get there.

When we got there, we went on a horse and carriage.  The horse’s name was Robin. Vivi and I got to drive her. It was fun.  On the drive we saw lots of donkeys, and some seals, though they were far away.

We went to a fort called Dun Aonghasa.  It was 3000 years old.  It had big stone walls at the top of a cliff.  It was scary because it was the cliff was very high (87m) and at the bottom was the Atlantic Ocean.  Daddy saw a huge sunfish.  People use to live there.

Then we went back to the town for an ice cream.  The beach had lots of crabs and shrimps and little flatfish.

On the boat back to Ireland, we saw some dolphins.

It was the eighth best day ever.