We drove through Mozambique to go to Swaziland. It is also called eSwatini. It was the quickest border ever! This was the last flag to go on the car. We now have 47 flags on the car!


The first place we stayed was Hlane Royal National Park. Daddy found a cool colour changing lizard. That night Mummy was looking for scorpions and she found three hiding in a tree trunk. Then she found a tiger snake!

There was a waterhole there and we saw impala fighting and some hippos. The next morning when we woke up there were 12 rhinos asleep at the water hole! Rhinos fart a lot!  Slowly the rhinos wandered away. We did a small drive around the park but we only saw a dung beetle rolling its dung. We also saw a giant land snail.

Then we drove to a set of craft shops. There was lots of batik art and carvings. Mummy said I can have a go making it in New Zealand. There was also a candle shop and a shop selling woven blankets. I liked a bead elephant but I didn’t have enough money to buy it. Daddy bought a cool purple shirt. We also got a cushion cover with an African lady on it.

Then we went to a cultural village and saw a musical show. The men and women sang and danced. The ladies had bits of material wrapped round them and shell anklets. The men had skirts and wool anklets. One lady had a whistle. Lots of the men did a dance with sticks. As part of their dancing they kicked their legs up really high, even over their heads! Then the ladies did it to. I tried, but it was really hard! It was a really good show.


Then we stayed at another National Park called Mlilwane. It used to be a farm and now there are lots of antelope there. There are no predators. Genevieve and I got to have a go on a horse called Topaz and we did a short walk around the farm.

The next day we drove to another lot of craft shops. Genevieve and I got christmas decorations that were like angels. Mine is green and Genevieve’s is pink. Then Genevieve fell down a wall and scraped her leg really badly.

Then we drove back to South Africa. We are going to the Kruger National Park and we are going on a leopard hunt…..

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  1. Twelve rhinos … wow … 12 …. wowowow !!!!!

    Good luck with the leopards!


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