Monkeys in Cedar Forest

Today we did some offroad driving and got stuck in some mud!  But Daddy locked the diffs and got us out.  It was a bit scary. There is now mud all over the Taniwha.

Then we drove to Cedar Forest to see if we could find some Barbary macaques, (monkeys). There were lots of men in the carpark who were offering peanuts to feed the monkeys and horse rides and photos with their horses.  We said no thank you.  It is bad to feed the monkeys because then they don’t know how to feed themselves and they get fat.

We found some monkeys and watched them. The other tourists were very noisy, so we went for a walk in the forest. It was a bit cold but beautiful.  We turned round when we were followed by a wild dog.

Then we did some more driving and found more monkeys on their own.  I liked watching the monkeys jump from tree to tree.

We also saw lots of stork nests.  In Lithuania we saw empty nests, but here the nests have storks in them!!  The storks are very noisy banging their beaks together.

Our campground has lots of good trees to climb!




Today was Daddy’s birthday! I sewed him a ninja cushion.

We drove to a place called Volubilis. It is a Roman ruin from 2000 years ago. Only some of it has been excavated. We had a guide to show us round.  I would like to be an archeologist and dig up ruins. It was very interesting.

There were lots of mosaics of Roman gods.

The rich people had two entrances to their houses, a big door for themselves and a small door for the slaves. You could even see the grooves in the stone where they had sliding doors.  They also had their own swimming pools.  All you can see is the stone, because the wooden doors and roofs have disintegrated.


We also saw the Roman Forum which they used as a market, and meeting place. And there was a temple and we saw the altar where they sacrificed animals. There were lots of different type of carved columns.

There were lots of olive trees and we could see green, red and black olives. There was also an olive press, so people a long time ago made olive oil. They collected the olives and put it in a mill to get rid of the stones. Then they put the olives in bags and put it in a press.  All the olive oil was squeezed out and ran into channels in the floor into jars.

In the distance you could see the holy town of Moulay Idriss.  The guide told us that it looks like a camel, but I think it looks like a seahorse on its side.


Going to Morocco!

We spent the night near Algericas and had a play on the beach.  There were some kite surfers that went far out to sea.

We saw bats hunting for insects and we saw Venus bright in the sky. The next morning some cows walked past with cow bells.


Then we drove to the port. It was a bit confusing, there were lots of of people yelling to sell us tickets.  We got a ticket then lined up for the boat.  Our boat was called the FRS Kattegat. I had a pizza on the boat, but it was disgusting because it had blue cheese on it! As the boat went out of port we could see the Rock of Gibralter, but the top was in cloud.

The boat trip took about an hour. There was some big arabic writing on the hill. We had to drive through customs, but they stamped our passport on the boat.

We drove to a campsite in Assilah. We saw camels and donkeys on the way. We walked down on the beach which was ok, but there was lots of rubbish, like plastic bags and plastic bottle lids.



**Delayed posting 7/12/18**

Today we took a bus into Lisbon. We went into the centre of town where there was a huge christmas tree in a square.

First we went to a Fado museum. We didn’t go in, but we listened to the music. There was lots of guitar and singing. I liked it.

Then we walked up a big hill to the Castelo de Sao Jorge, but it was closed. So we went and had ice cream, then we had yummy wraps for lunch. When the castle opened we walked around the walls and looked at the view over Lisbon.  It is a really big city. There were lots of canons. (The camera obscura was not available unfortunately, due to the delayed opening)

Then we got a bus to Belem and the Moisteiro dos Jeronimos. The church had lots and lots of carvings in the stone. There was an interesting room with a timeline of the world at the same time as what was happening at the monastary. The monastary was built before New Zealand was even found by Abel Tasman or Captain Cook!

We spent lots of time looking at the different tiles on the buildings. They use tiles to reflect the light because it gets so hot in summer. We took lots of photos of them. Some are repeated patterns, but I liked the ones with pictures.

Then we drove to Sagres, The most south western point of Europe. We played on the beach and chased some waves. I found some pretty shells.

The Knights Templar

**Delayed posting 6/12/18**

Today we drove to Lisbon. On the way we stopped at a Knights Templar monastary called Convento de Christo. It was on a big hill and it was huge. First we walked around the walls. There were big orange trees and Daddy stole 2 oranges. And we took some bay leaves for having with spaghetti bolognaise.

Then we went inside the ruins. Inside there was a 16 sided church with lots of paintings of stories from the bible. We could also see where the knights slept and ate. There were lots of carvings on the walls.

The knights templar were monks who fought with a sword, they had a symbol of a red cross on a white background. The knights templar order was very rich, even though the knights had taken vows of poverty. A lot went to fight in the crusades.