Southern most point in Africa

After Capetown, we continued driving around the coast. First we went to a penguin colony at Stoney Point. It was really interesting, their were penguins everywhere, but they were a bit smelly. Did you know that penguin eggs were used for baking because the white didn’t set. But it was bad for the number of penguins. I also learnt that penguins eat heaps, then they have 3 weeks where they moult, to change their feathers and don’t eat anything!

Then we went to L’Agulhas, this is the southern most point in Africa. At the point was a big map of Africa.

Then we went back to Franschhoek because Mummy wanted to run a parkrun in a wineyard. Mummy and Daddy did some wine tasting, and Genevieve and I got to eat the food that went with it. I liked the popcorn (went with the bubbly) and the turkish delight (went with the chenin).

Then we went back to the coast road and followed it all the way round. We stopped at the storms river mouth. It was pretty but we didn’t stay there. We did a walk over some really long swing bridges.

Then we kept following the coast round. We went swimming in the Indian Ocean and it was really warm. Daddy also spotted some dolphins playing in the waves. One camp site had a swimming pool and we practised jumping in! Daddy gave me an 8 out of 10 for my ‘bomb’.

We went to a wolf sanctuary. Wolves don’t normally live in South Africa, but some naughty people tried to raise them like dogs. The wolves live in a pack and only get wolf like once they are over 2 years old. We got to touch the fur of one, and it was really coarse. We also saw one bare its teeth – it was a bit scary.

We drove through the Addo Elephant National Park, but we only saw lots of elephants and we have seen enough of them. We also got a flat tyre so Mummy and Daddy had to change it. Luckily there were no lions!

We got new tyres for the car. But when we were driving through Mthatha someone tried to cut off our boot bag. They cut through one strap completely, and were half way through the second strap. We didn’t even know, someone stopped us and told us.

Then we stayed at a place called Happy Wanderers and there was a good swimming pool. We could also walk along the beach. We did the Umdoni Parkrun then we went to my favourite campsite in Africa – the Pretoria. Geneveive and I spent lots of time on the trampoline. Daddy won at minigolf. We went back to crocodile world. This time we saw the crocs being fed chicken. We also saw two tortoises fighting, and one tipped the other one over! But my favourite was still the flamingos.

Then we drove to Durban.

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  1. You must have all done lots of Parkruns by now! Lorien has done one junior Parkrun in Salt Hill Park in Slough but it is tricky to fit it in to the busy weekends! We went to Addo when Alex was very little and saw a dung beetle pushing dung there. I am glad your Daddy has now seen this too!


    • Well done Lorien!! I have done 23 parkruns now. Genevieve has done 15, Daddy 13 and Mummy heaps. Daddy loves dung beetles. He wants to put a picture of one on his bedroom wall. (Mummy says no!)


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