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*** Delayed posting 10-12/1/19 ***

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We spent a night in Luxembourg and it was a bit cold. But we walked around the centre and had McDonalds for dinner!


Then we went to Belgium. First we went to a World War 1 and World War 2 museum in Mons. We saw lots of interesting things from the wars.  We saw lots of uniforms and there were some trench boots. We also saw a victoria cross, which is the highest military award for bravery. Daddy liked the jeep!

After that we went to Waterloo. This was a battle fought between the English and the French. The English were led by Duke of Wellington, and wore red. The French were led by Napoleon, and wore blue.  The museum was really good. There was a 4D movie where we were part of the battle. The ground shook when the horses were running towards us! It was a bit scary. Then we climbed up a hill that had a statue of a lion at the top. We could see where the whole battle was.  There was even a skeleton that was found on the battlefield and you could see the bullet that shot him!

After that we went to Jim’s house. We had fun playing with his boys, and I read them stories. Mummy, Daddy and Jim went to the Stella brewery. Mummy said it was amazing!! Then we drove back to the Eurotunnel and England.




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Today we went to Versailles. I had a delicious pain au chocolate for breakfast.

At Versailles, we looked around the palace and then went to the gardens.  In the palace we saw a movie about how it has changed over time. We saw the state apartments and lots and lots of pictures and statues.  There was a hall of mirrors, with lots of chandeliers. Daddy liked the gallery of battles with pictures of all the battles that France has won. I learnt about King Louis XIV, who was called the sun king.  He moved his whole court to the palace. so there were 10,000 people there. I even saw his bedroom. Then there was a revolution and a lot of people had their heads chopped off.  Then there was an emperor called Napoleon, and his wife Josephine.

We had lunch in the gardens and chased all the crows. There were lots of fountains but they weren’t working because it was winter. I liked the topiary trees that were shaped like snowmen!

We saw the Trianon Palace, which was their summer house. There was a Grand Trianon and a Petite Trianon.  Every room was a different colour. I liked the library best.

We really liked walking round the Queen’s hamlet which had farm buildings.

At the end we visited the coach gallery and saw coaches and pretend horses that were used in processions and funerals. There were TV screens that let you look inside the carriage.  My favourite was the gold one with grey horses. It was used by Napoleon.  Even the children had coaches pulled by goats or sheep. There were also sleds that they used in winter.

We walked 27,000 steps today, so now I am tired.


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Yesterday we went to Paris. To get there, we went on a bus, and then the Metro. First we walked to the Notre Dame Cathedral. It has three rose windows, that are huge. They are stained glass windows and very pretty. There was a tower that we didn’t go up, because we wanted lunch.

For lunch I had chicken nuggets and chips and salad.  Daddy had mussels, and Mummy had an omlette. For pudding I had hot chocolate cake with cold custard.

After lunch we went to a medieval museum that has the Cluny Tapestries. There were six tapestries of a lady with a unicorn and a lion. Five of the tapestries showed the five senses. For example, in the touch one, the lady was holding the unicorn’s horn.  That was Vivi’s favourite. In the taste one the lady was feeding a parrot. In the smell one the lady was making a flower garland. In the sound one the lady was playing an organ. In the sight one the lady was holding a mirror up to the unicorn. That was my favourite. In the last tapestry the lady was holding a necklace. There was also a narwhale horn in the museum. It was really long and twisted.

Then we walked past the Louvre. This is a famous museum with lots of paintings. It is really really big.

We bought some macaroons! I chose a raspberry one, but there were lots of different colours and flavours.


Then we walked to the Eiffel Tower. It is very impressive. We can see it from the campsite at night.  It is all lit up, with a search light at the top. We did a lot of walking. 26,000 steps!!



Rock Painting

Yesterday we went to Lascaux. This is a cave with pre-historic rock paintings. We had a tour through the caves, but they are a replica because the originals had a ‘disease’ from too many visitors. There were lots of paintings and engravings of horses, bulls and deer. Some of the pictures were really big. They were found in 1940 by some boys and a dog that was chasing a rabbit. My favourite picture was of some deer that looked like they were crossing a river. There was also an upside down horse. There was a rhino, a beer and some cave lions, but they were hidden. In the museum we had a tablet that you could hold up to the pictures and it told you about them.

Then we drove to Paris, we could see the Eiffel Tower with lots and lots of lights.  Today we are going to explore!!

Paper Making

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Since Spain we have been driving north. We had a yummy lunch of wraps on the beach, but Vivi dropped hers in the sand.

Then we drove through Andorra. It was very cold and the snow was icy. We saw people skiing and on snow mobiles. We had nachoes for lunch. We took a windy mountain road rather than go through the tunnel to France. It was a good view.

In France we stayed at a campsite next to a church.  The bells were very noisy.  In the night my hot water bottle got a hole and my sleeping bag got all wet. Daddy put the hottie outside and in the morning it was gone. We think it was a fox or a dog. It also took one of our metal cups. But left the woolly cup holder. It was a mystery!

Then we went to a Paper Mill. A lady gave us a tour and it was very interesting. We saw paper made from papyrus (like the Egyptians) and from animal skin.  At this mill, they make paper from old paper, or from clothes, or from elephant or horse poo! The paper is made from the plant skeleton which is called cellulose. She cut up some jeans using a big knife. In the old days children aged 6 and 7 used to do it! Then she put it in a machine that would cut it up and smush it into a paper paste. Then she made some paper and we had a go too! You had to put a screen into the water, mixed with paste, then lift it out.  The water would come out, and you put the paper on some wet wool, then you covered it and put it in a press to push more water out.  I made two pieces of paper. She showed us how they make watermarks in paper where they put a shape on the screen and it makes the paper thinner.  They sometimes make really big pieces of paper and need a swimming pool to put the paper paste in, and they need 8 men to lift it!

Vivi making paper:

Me making paper: