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Lots of Flags

We drove to Dover, and we went on a ferry to France.  Daddy had to drive on the wrong side of the road.

We went to a famous beach at Dunkirk.  In World War Two, lots of soldiers were rescued from this beach, (around 330,000!). Then we drove to a campsite in a field in Belgium.  There were sheep, one pony and ducks.  The sheep escaped to eat the clover in the field.  There was also a cat that ate some of my chicken BBQ!

After dinner we walked to a (Trappist) abbey.  There was lots of brussel sprouts and corn in the fields.

The next day Daddy drove for 11 hours through The Netherlands and Germany.  It was boring.

Today was a great day.  We had piklets for breakfast! We camped next to the Nord-Ostsee Kanal.   There were lots of big boats with containers on them.  I ran along the tow path to chase one.

Then we drove to Denmark, to the town where Lego is made.  We are camping in a Lego playground.  My favourite is the Ninjago playground with lots to climb on.  We entered a challenge to win some lego.

There are lots of flags on the car now! It looks amazing!

Build Update from Galway


So… due to circumstances out of our control (i.e. Phil had a rather bad reaction to some jabs that we need for Africa) we ran out of time to complete the landrover build before heading to Ireland. We have only got one of the steel bumpers mounted, the winch is bolted but not wired in, the replacement sunroof visors aren’t fitted, the “light cannon” spotlights are languishing in the garage, and the water tank and filter set isn’t fitted either. Still lots to do once we get back from this trip!

However, the Taniwha is running pretty well, with just the expected moans, groans and niggles that settling into a new chassis and bushes entail (a bit of tightening up to do I think, plus one wheel hub needs replacement).

We have been spending a lot of time talking over packing strategy and modifications we need to make to the way we are doing things (nothing worse than a handful of felt tip pens shooting forwards off the day fridge and ending up under the pedals…)

Speaking of the day fridge, we have had a disappointing experience with our “old” Ironman 30l fridge.  A few days befiore heading off on this trip, it started madly freezing everything while insiting the temp was 11+ degrees…  clearly the thermostat has failed. It’s under warranty still, so we will get it fixed, but will not trust it for Africa.  We have sourced a replacement (36l SnoMaster) which is South African, and is the same brand as the big fella in the boot.  The Ironman will be sent home in disgrace in Margaret’s car.  We are also rather disappointed with the PVC “truck awning” cover for our rooftent – the seams in the corners are splitting, they are only single stitched.  Lazy design. Easy to reinforce – we will sort it before Scandinavia – but it’s highly irritating –  products designed for offroad should be better thought out.  Time for a shitty email to customer service methinks.  (Nakatanenga, Germany, if anyone is curious).

We have been really lucky with the weather so far – a few spots of rain today, but the sun is back out again.  Off on a daytip to the Aran Islands tomorrow…

Eleanor’s Hebridean Road Trip

*** This is the first Blog post by Eleanor Jack, age 7 and a bit***
For the last week and a half I have been in Scotland with my sister Vivi, Daddy and our friend Bos.

I went on 5 ferries on the last one I went on I saw a porpoise and on the first one I went on was the longest.

We bought a shopkin fairy cake mix and baked it on the bbq. They were really yummy and I put shopkins on them.

Daddy bought me a very nice blue Harris Tweed hat which my Mum wants to steal.

We camped every night in our roof tent and Daddy got midged 8556 times.  He said some bad words.

We went to 14 beaches. Some were stony and some were sandy.  Some had rockpools. We saw some crabs and rescued a starfish by putting him back into the water.

We went to Dunvegan Castle for breakfast and saw lots of fairy homes and the Fairy Flag. Its famous.

We went on a treasure hunt in Portree to find a present left by my friend.  It’s on Skye.

My holiday was the second best ever because Mummy wasn’t there.

Garmin InReach Explorer+ (i.e. where are we?)

Hi folks – its been quiet for the last few weeks (we are trying to get our house ready to put on the market).  However, we have a new shiny thing up and running – a Garmin InReach Explorer+.  You probably haven’t noticed, but there is a new “Locate Us!” link on the top right of the screen.  This sexy little beastie is a digital swiss army knife – GPS, electronic compass, satellite tracker, satellite messenger (yes…  no SIM required, we can be messaged from the Garmin site, and can reply back – and we can send out as SMS to any mobile number (globally) – replies come back to the Explorer+.  It receives detailed daily weather forecasts, tailored to our location as well. Last but not least, it has SOS functionality via GEOS, providing global Search and Rescue to our exact location, anywhere on earth (we will be adding the Medevac insurance just before we go, to pick up the *potentially astronomical* tab should the worst happen!).

So..  to see where we are on this shiny blue ball, simply go here:  Locate us!