Atlantic Coast

After the Richtersveld we drove along the Atlantic Coast. This is the west coast of South Africa. On the way we saw 2 shipwrecks. One was in Hondeklip Bay and was called the Jahleel. It was shipwrecked in 2003. We had our lunch next to the shipwreck Aristea. It was shipwrecked in 1945. Vivi and I made Mummy and Daddy a salad for lunch. We did it all by ourselves!

Daddy rescued a tortoise in the middle of the road and it peed on him!!

Then we did another national park called Namaqua Coastal Park. This park is supposed to be very pretty in the spring because of lots of wild flowers. But most of the flowers had finished. We drove right down to the water and got stuck in the sand. Mummy and Daddy had to dig us out. Then we saw a big seal colony. There were so many seals. They looked like fat slugs, and they were really smelly. Some of the photos weren’t very good because the sea fog was coming in.

After the park we did a wild camp by the beach. There were lots and lots of shells, so Vivi and I made shell shops.

Then we went to a Rooibos tea house. We saw a video on how they make tea. Then I tried some iced tea. It was yummy.

Then we went into the Cedarberg Wilderness Area. It was very mountainous, with lots of rock formations. We stayed at a camp and I went swimming in the river. It was very cold. Daddy went fishing and caught a small yellowfish. During dinner I saw a tortoise walk past! Vivi and I went running through a sprinkler because it was soooooo hot.

Then we went back to the coast. We went to Bird Island and learnt about guano – which is bird poo. They used to collect it to make fertiliser. But it is bad because it didn’t leave enough for the sea birds to lay their eggs in. We saw lots of gannets, but also saw two penguins. They had some skeletons in a museum and I liked one of a seagull and you could see the fish skeletons and bits of plastic in its tummy!

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  1. Looking forward to the salads made by both e and g. Plus love the photo in the sprinkler


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