Park 3: Richtersveld

After Augrabies Falls we went to Springbok and did parkrun.

Then we went to our third park, the Richtersveld. This park is on the border of South Africa and Namibia. It was really remote and we had to do lots of gravel roads to get there. Once we were there,we drove over a mountain pass to see the hand of god. The hand of god looks like a palm print in the side of a rock. It was very impressive.


Then we drove over some bumpy roads to get to our camp by the orange river. The river was really pretty. We were parked on sand, but there were lots of rocks to play on. We spent a day just relaxing.

Mummy did some sewing. Daddy went fishing, and he caught lots of yellowfish. They were really slimey.

Vivi and I did lots of playing. We all went swimming in the river, it got really deep. It was safe because there were no hippos or crocodiles. Then Vivi and I had a go swimming in the current. I had to go deeper than Vivi, otherwise I would get stuck on the rocks. It was lots of fun.

That night Daddy found a firefly and showed us. It was glowing greeny yellow! Then it flew off.

The next day when we went to leave a jackal stole our cutlery bag. But luckily we found it by the river. We saw a few ostriches and small antelope. There were also some really friendly birds! We also saw lots of quiver trees. We really liked the Richtersveld.


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  1. This park looked really nice. Are you getting better at swimming with all this practice you are getting ? I can’t wait until you are home and we can go swimming in NZ!!


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