Going North

We had to get some stuff done on our car, so we stayed at our friend Leanne and Trevor’s house. It rained the whole time we were there. But we did watch the Greatest Showman. Vivi had seen it before. I thought it was really really good. I also made a sock monster.


Then we headed north. We did a parkrun at Richard’s Bay. It was nice, but I fell over in the jungle part. We ran on an island called Pelican Island, but I didn’t see any pelicans. I did see some crabs and two fish. The campground had a really nice pool and a huge playground!

Then we stayed at Cape Vidal. We had a nice campsite in the bush and made friends with our neighbours. They showed us a quick way to the beach, over the sand dunes. There were lots of crabs to chase!

We also did a drive around the wetlands. We saw a new monkey called a Sykes’s monkey. It looks a bit like a vervet monkey with fluffier cheeks. When Daddy made pikelets for breakfast the monkeys stole some! In the wetland we saw the animal that Daddy wanted to see most of all: A dung beetle pushing some dung!! We also saw lots of zebra, hippo, buffalo and more rhino! No leopard though.

Then we stayed at a camp called BushBaby’s. We were opposite a waterhole, but only saw some antelope. That night they fed the bushbabies bananas. There were 2 and they were very cute. They ate the banana and threw out the skin.


We went to Hluhluwe national park. It rained the whole day! We saw lots and lots of rhinos. Then we saw an elephant that was blocking our path, so we had to go back. We saw lots of giraffe, buffalo, zebra and antelope. When we left the park we drove through a private game reserve and saw more rhino. But most exciting was the mud on the way out. It was really deep and we did lots of sliding.

Cleaning the muddy car:

We stayed at a camp really close to the Mozambique border. It was really wet so we didn’t go swimming. It was a shame because the pool was really good. It was in the shape of a circle with a bar in the centre. My favourite sign in the bar was: What happens in the man cave, stays in the man cave.

The next day we went shopping, but when we left the supermarket the car was making a funny noise. Daddy said it was the viscous fan bearing. Then we had to drive all the way back to Durban to get it fixed.

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  1. I’m putting all these camps on my wish list they sound amazing. Shame the car is not sounding amazing 😕


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