Mr Mzungu

Today we went to a Masai museum. The Masai is a type of tribe like the Himba in Namibia, and the San Bushmen. The Masai live in Tanzania and Kenya. The men wear red check blanckets.  The women wear bead bracelets and necklaces. Ourguide had shoes that looked like they were made from car tyres!

We saw how they made their houses. They use acacia branches as a frame, and cover it with mud, ash and cow dung. The women look after the house and the men look after the animals. Men are allowed to have lots of wives!

They only eat their own cows and goats. They don’t hunt wild animals to eat. But he told us they drink cows milk and blood.

My favourite room had models of girls on one side and boys on the other. It showed their different outfits.

At the end Daddy bought a t-shirt that says Mzungu. That means white person. We thought it should really say: That’s Mr Mzungu to you! I tried on some necklaces too.


Then we drove to the crater. We went past Lake Manyara and saw lots of storks in the trees. The bushes below the storks were all white because of the stork poo!





To Arusha

After we went to Zanzibar, we got a boat back to Dar es Salaam. The boat rocked a lot. Some people were sick and it was very smelly. It took ages to get back to the Taniwha, because we went to the wrong place and then we took lots of detours to try and find the right place.

Then we drove to Mt. Kilimanjaro. This is the highest mountain in Africa, it is 5,895m high. But we didn’t see much of it, because it was always covered in cloud. We drove pretty much all the way around it. We couldn’t climb it because Genevieve and I are too young, and because it is too expensive. People live all around the mountain, and there were fields of pine trees, corn and potatoes.

We stayed at a farm called Simba Lodge Farm. There were little mini blue cars that Vivi and I liked to play on. You had to pedal them. We also bought lots of fresh veges! We could see Mt Meru, which is 4,562m high.

Then we went to Arusha. We went to hundreds of different supermarkets, but they aren’t like English supermarkets. Mummy and Daddy said they were very expensive and didn’t sell all the things they wanted. We went to a market and bought lots of fruit from some ladies. We had to speak Swahili!

Then we went to stay at the Meserani Campsite. We went to the snake park there. It was very good. The guide showed us lots of snakes like: pythons, cobras, adders, black and greeen mambas and grass/water/sand snakes. There was a rhino snake with a horn, and one that had eyelashes! He told us all about their venom. They are the only place in all of Tanzania that keeps all the anti-venom here and if you are bitten they treat you for free. They had pictures of a python that ate a security guard who fell asleep, it got caught on an electric fence.

They had some spotted owls. He said that people here believe that if you hear the owl cry, then something bad will happen to you. They had a white backed vulture and a goshawk. They also had some nile crocodiles and some slender snouted crocodiles. There was a nile monitor, and lots of fruit bats in the tree.

They had some tortoises and we got to hold them. The tortoise hid its head and legs and then poked them out. At the end we were allowed to hold a grass snake. Daddy put it round his neck. I was scared, so I just held its tail.

Tomorrow we are going to a Masai Museum, then we are heading to the Ngorongoro Crater!


The Spice Farm

We hired a car so that we could see more of Zanzibar. First we went to a Spice Farm. It was called Big Body Tatata, and was a community farm. It had lots of different spices and fruit trees. We saw:

  • Cinnamon – This is called the Queen of the Spices. They cut off the bark and dry it for cinnamon sticks, and the bark grows back. They also use the roots for medicine. The leaves smell nice.
  • Lipstick Tree – When we opened the fruit there were seeds that went an orange colour when you squashed them! They use it for a natural lipstick! It is also used to colour red curry.
  • Lemongrass – This was my favourite!
  • Vanilla – Vanilla is the most expensive spice, apart from saffron, (we saw saffron in Morocco) They have to pollinate by hand, rather than by insects.
  • Curry Leaf tree
  • Peppercorns – They grow on a vine too!
  • Nutmeg – He opened it up and the seed has a red skin covering it.
  • Clove Trees – When we are in New Zealand, we are going to cover an orange with cloves to make an air freshener. Some people use it for toothpaste.
  • Ginger – They cut off the root and it smelled nice
  • Tumeric – They cut off the root and it made my fingers go yellow!
  • Coffee Tree – They grow robusta coffee.
  • Cassava Tree
  • Mango Tree
  • Starfruit Tree – He cut off the top and it looks like a star!
  • Breadfruit Tree
  • Red Bananas – They are really sweet and make you go crazy from sugar!
  • Jackfruit tree – A jackfruit is really big.
  • Ylang Ylang flowers – they smell really nice. They called it Chanel No. 0

After we saw all the spices they showed us some perfumes and soaps. They smelled good, but we didn’t buy any.

Then another man climbed up a palm tree. To climb it he twisted a rope around his feet. He went really really high. I didn’t get very far up the tree when I tried! We tried the coconut water, but I didn’t like it. Daddy said it would taste better with some rum in it.

They also gave us some gifts made from palm tree leaves and flowers. I got a ring/bracelet, a necklace and a crown. Even Daddy got a tie and a hat!


Then was the best part and we had some fruit tasting. We tasted: pineapple, watermelon, grapefruit, mandarin, tangerine, orange, and cucumber. My favourite was the pineapple. They were delicious.

After the spice farm, we drove to see our friends on the beach. Then we drove down the coast and went to a forest where the Red Colobus monkeys lived. We didn’t think we would see them, because they are very rare. There are only 3000 in the world! But Mummy spotted some sitting in a tree!! They have red fur with white round their faces. They are different to other monkeys because they don’t have a thumb.

Then we went back to Stone Town. It was a really good day. I had a beef stir fry at the floating restaurant. We watched people jumping and doing flips into the water.

The next day we got the boat back to Dar es Salaam.

Stone Town and the Palace Museum

Today we walked around Stone Town. First we went past my favourite building – it was all painted turquoise!! On the Old Fort, there was a Girl Guide symbol! We also found a cafe for Vivi!

Then we went to the Palace Museum. A guide showed us round. The Sultan lived there, which is like a King. He had 4 wives. One was really fat and they had a special chair made for her! There was lots of ivory from elephants. And some of the chairs were made of a black wood called ebony. It was all hand carved, and it looked beautiful. I liked the love seat.

We also saw his car – though I don’t think he used it very often, because the streets were so narrow. Also he could just stand on his balcony and wave to people. He also had a carriage that was pulled by people.  But he had to stop using it.

We also learnt about the Arabian Princess Salme. She fell in love with a German man and ran away with him to Hamburg. (ed. She looks like Putin… deeply creepy)


We walked around the markets and Genevieve and I bought a sarong, called a kanga. Genevieve’s is purple and mine is blue and white. People here wear them, and they also use them to carry their babies. They also use them for curtains and seat covers. They are really pretty. The have a motto written on them in Swahili. I liked the markets, they reminded us of Morocco. My favourite shops were the ones with paintings. I liked the ones with lots of animals.



Slave Market

We took a boat from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar. We had to get up very early, then the taxi didn’t arrive. The boat was a catamaran, it took 2 hours to get to Stonetown.

We were really hungry, so went to a cafe near the Slave Market Museum. I had a blueberry ice cream and some chicken samosas. I also had a pineapple juice. It took ages to arrive so we thought they had to grow the pineapple!

Then we went to the slave market museum. There were lots of information boards, with lots of words and pictures. Mummy read out all the interesting bits. We learnt that the slaves came from all over Africa and had to walk to the coast.  Some of them walked the same way that we drove! They were in slave caravans. The slaves were tied up in chains and it was hard for them to walk. After they got to the coast, the slaves were put on boats and taken to Zanzibar. Then they were marched down the street and sold. An adult slave cost the same amout as 3 yards of cotton. We went into the slave holding cells. There wasn’t much room, and there were no toilets.

One slave girl was buried alive. Another boy, who was 6, tried to run away. For punishment he had a chain to a log. The only way he could move was to carry the log on his head, and it weighed nearly 15kg. He was attached to the log for a year, before a missionary freed him.


Slavery was made illegal in the 1870’s, but there is still slavery around the world today. Such as children who are made to go to work, rather than school. I think slavery is bad.


After the museum there was a monument. Then we went into the Anglican Cathedral. It had an altar with gold mosaic, like the Basilica in Venice. It also had pictures of bible stories in brass.