Stone Town and the Palace Museum

Today we walked around Stone Town. First we went past my favourite building – it was all painted turquoise!! On the Old Fort, there was a Girl Guide symbol! We also found a cafe for Vivi!

Then we went to the Palace Museum. A guide showed us round. The Sultan lived there, which is like a King. He had 4 wives. One was really fat and they had a special chair made for her! There was lots of ivory from elephants. And some of the chairs were made of a black wood called ebony. It was all hand carved, and it looked beautiful. I liked the love seat.

We also saw his car – though I don’t think he used it very often, because the streets were so narrow. Also he could just stand on his balcony and wave to people. He also had a carriage that was pulled by people.  But he had to stop using it.

We also learnt about the Arabian Princess Salme. She fell in love with a German man and ran away with him to Hamburg. (ed. She looks like Putin… deeply creepy)


We walked around the markets and Genevieve and I bought a sarong, called a kanga. Genevieve’s is purple and mine is blue and white. People here wear them, and they also use them to carry their babies. They also use them for curtains and seat covers. They are really pretty. The have a motto written on them in Swahili. I liked the markets, they reminded us of Morocco. My favourite shops were the ones with paintings. I liked the ones with lots of animals.



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  1. Great blog! So interesting! I love Vivi’s picture with her cafe! Did Margaret buy a Sarong?? 🙂


  2. I like your kangas. They are really pretty.


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