Mr Mzungu

Today we went to a Masai museum. The Masai is a type of tribe like the Himba in Namibia, and the San Bushmen. The Masai live in Tanzania and Kenya. The men wear red check blanckets.  The women wear bead bracelets and necklaces. Ourguide had shoes that looked like they were made from car tyres!

We saw how they made their houses. They use acacia branches as a frame, and cover it with mud, ash and cow dung. The women look after the house and the men look after the animals. Men are allowed to have lots of wives!

They only eat their own cows and goats. They don’t hunt wild animals to eat. But he told us they drink cows milk and blood.

My favourite room had models of girls on one side and boys on the other. It showed their different outfits.

At the end Daddy bought a t-shirt that says Mzungu. That means white person. We thought it should really say: That’s Mr Mzungu to you! I tried on some necklaces too.


Then we drove to the crater. We went past Lake Manyara and saw lots of storks in the trees. The bushes below the storks were all white because of the stork poo!





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  1. That sounds like an interesting museum. You should get a “ittle Mzungu” t shirt.


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