Garmin InReach Explorer+ (i.e. where are we?)

Hi folks – its been quiet for the last few weeks (we are trying to get our house ready to put on the market).  However, we have a new shiny thing up and running – a Garmin InReach Explorer+.  You probably haven’t noticed, but there is a new “Locate Us!” link on the top right of the screen.  This sexy little beastie is a digital swiss army knife – GPS, electronic compass, satellite tracker, satellite messenger (yes…  no SIM required, we can be messaged from the Garmin site, and can reply back – and we can send out as SMS to any mobile number (globally) – replies come back to the Explorer+.  It receives detailed daily weather forecasts, tailored to our location as well. Last but not least, it has SOS functionality via GEOS, providing global Search and Rescue to our exact location, anywhere on earth (we will be adding the Medevac insurance just before we go, to pick up the *potentially astronomical* tab should the worst happen!).

So..  to see where we are on this shiny blue ball, simply go here:  Locate us!


Categories: Roaming, Shiny Things!

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