Eleanor’s Hebridean Road Trip

*** This is the first Blog post by Eleanor Jack, age 7 and a bit***
For the last week and a half I have been in Scotland with my sister Vivi, Daddy and our friend Bos.

I went on 5 ferries on the last one I went on I saw a porpoise and on the first one I went on was the longest.

We bought a shopkin fairy cake mix and baked it on the bbq. They were really yummy and I put shopkins on them.

Daddy bought me a very nice blue Harris Tweed hat which my Mum wants to steal.

We camped every night in our roof tent and Daddy got midged 8556 times.  He said some bad words.

We went to 14 beaches. Some were stony and some were sandy.  Some had rockpools. We saw some crabs and rescued a starfish by putting him back into the water.

We went to Dunvegan Castle for breakfast and saw lots of fairy homes and the Fairy Flag. Its famous.

We went on a treasure hunt in Portree to find a present left by my friend.  It’s on Skye.

My holiday was the second best ever because Mummy wasn’t there.

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  1. Wonderful blog Eleanor!! Your trip sounds like it was a lot of fun. Where are you going next?


  2. Glad you had fun in Scotland and managed to find your present.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great blog Eleanor! I liked hearing about your trip! My favourite part is going to 14 beaches!


  4. What a wonderful blog Eleanor! I cant wait to read about all your other adventures love Hedwig x


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