Around Galway

Today I am writing from a stone.

Did you know yesterday I went to the Cliffs of Moher.  They were ok,  with a good view but we didn’t see any puffins.  Did you know the Cliffs of Moher are in the movie: The Princess Bride!

Yesterday we also went to a beach.  Genevieve and Mummy made a sand castle with a moat.  I made one myself.  I made a door with white stones and there was a trapdoor to catch robbers.

Today I was in Galway.  In Galway we went to the Aquarium.  We saw a blue lobster.  Did you know lobsters have 2 claws, a crusher and a cutter. We also saw some starfish and a big conger eels.  My favourite thing was the orange octopus.  An octopus has no bones and can change colour.

Last we went to Brigits Garden where there was a fun fairy trail, with swinging wooden seats hanging from trees.


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  1. What a lovely sandcastle. Good thing you have already seen a puffin!


  2. Wish you saw some puffins. I like your blog.


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