Alta and Hammerfest

***Delayed publishing 27/09/18***

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Last night we camped just outside Alta in some pine trees. We had sparklers and toasted marshmellows.

Today we went to the Alta Rock carvings. They are from 6000 years ago. We could see fish, reindeer, people and boats. Some were hard to work out what they were. They were carved using one rock to tap the shape into another rock. It must have been hard work.

Then we went to Hammerfest. This is the northern most town. There were lots of stuffed animals. My favourite was the Polar bear. Daddy joined the Royal and Ancient Polar Bear Society. He got a certificate and a polar bear pin.


Then we kept driving north. There was one big tunnel under the sea to take us to the island where North Cape is. We saw lots of wild reindeer.


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  1. Did you see Rudolph? I like the polar beers!!


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