Crossing the Arctic Circle

Yesterday we drove to Finland. We wanted to go to the Sami museum, but it was closed. Then we drove to the campsite, and me and Vivi made a den out of sticks while Dadddy and Mummy made a fire. After that we went with Mummy to find big sticks to use as horses while Daddy made dinner. It was a big fire and we made smores!


Today we went to see real SANTA at the Santa Claus village in Rovaniemi. He has a fluffy beard and he is not scary at all. He also has big feet. He told us that on the west of Finland there are trees, trees and lakes, and on the east of Finland there are lakes, lakes and trees. We also saw his time regulator, that slows the earths rotation so he can visit all the children in the world on Christmas eve. We gave Santa a letter that told him how to find us when we are travelling.  We have a picture as a signal that we will make out of twigs or stones next to the car.  It is a smiley face with a santa hat.



We crossed the Arctic circle again, and this time we are going south.

Daddy also bought me my very own knife!

Then we went to the Arktikum museum. There were lots of things to do and we learnt about all the animals and people who live in the Arctic.  I tried on wooden goggles used by Sami people, to stop snow blindness. There was a section on pollution and you had to try and get an oil ‘ball’ from the source to the town, by creating a pipeline.  It was really hard. I learnt about people catching stockfish and cutting them open and hanging them to dry.  We saw lots of hanging frames for the fish in Norway, but they were empty.  We also watched a Northern Lights display.  They are very green. Some people believed that they are caused by a fire fox running across the sky.  Other people believed it was their ancestors playing football with a walrus skull.  The northern lights are really to do with the solar wind that comes from the sun.


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  1. Great story telling Eleanor – sounds like you are having a very fun adventuruous time. Annie Leather


  2. That is good you have met Santa and have set up a plan for him to find you!!

    It sounds like you are having fun!!!


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