Umgeni Bird Park

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Yesterday we went to a bird park. But it wasn’t just birds there.

First we went to a bird show. I had two favourites and both were owls. They were funny. The first owl kept on flying off the stage and the second owl didn’t want to go home at the end. The birds even flew over our heads! Vivi liked the pelican best. It was really big and the keeper fed it chicken.

I liked the toucan, it was very colourful. There were spoonbills and scarlet ibis in one cage. The spoonbills bills really looked like spoons! But they did pee alot. My favourite was the flamingos. I learnt that the yolk in a flamingo egg is dark pink, and the chicks get pink milk from their parents when they feed.

There was also lots of parrots and macaws. I liked the blue and gold macaw. One of the parrots said hello to us when we walked past! They were very colourful and noisy.

When we were walking round Vivi spotted a black millipede on the ground. It was 20 cm long and very fat. We also saw a golden orb spider. It was big and had red and black striped legs. But the best thing was that it was sitting on a gold coloured web!

I drew a picture of my favourite things: A flamingo, a spider, a blue and gold macaw and a golden pheasant.



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  1. You have taught me some thing new Eleanor! I did not know that Flamingos had pink egg yolk and pink milk. I will be sure to share these amazing facts with the other Brownies on Thursday.


  2. Fabulous descriptions of all the birds, Eleanor. I especially liked your colourful picture. So glad you saw flamingos too. Xxx


  3. I am amazed about the Golden web, and also about the pink milk! And your picture was almost like being there.
    Great writing Eleanor!


  4. wow those are beautiful birds Eleanor. We have ibis in Sydney but they are NOT PRETTY like that one. There are lots on campus at UNSW and they are always getting into the rubbish bins. People call them bin chickens!! It is very interesting that flamingos have pink milk. I learned somewhere that the pink is due to what flamingos eat, is that true??


    • It is true that flamingos are pink because of what they eat. At the bird park, we read that some zoos give their flamingos salmon and carrot to make them more pink! I can’t wait to see them in the wild though!


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