Butterflies for Africa, and KZN Museum

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Today we went to a butterfly house. We had a guide who showed us eggs hidden under a leaf. Then he showed us some big caterpillars. They were camaflouged green and brown against the plant they were eating.  They were really big. Then he showed us the cocoons. Most were dry and empty and some were green coloured. They had caterpillars changing into butterflies in them. There were lots of butterflies. My favourite butterfly was the blue one but I was a bit scared that they would land on me.

There was a game where you had to match the caterpillar to the butterfly. It was hard because the caterpillar looks nothing like the butterfly. I also learnt that butterflies lay their eggs on a particular plant as the caterpillars only eat one type.  But moths eat most plants.

In the butterfly house there were also hedgehogs and guinea pigs. They were very smelly. The hedgehogs were albino, that means they were all white coloured instead of brown. There were turtles and stick insects. The stick insects looked like sticks so were hard to see.

After the butterfly house we went to the Kwa-Zulu Natal Museum. It was really good. There were lots and lots of displays of stuffed birds and animals. I liked the bird section because there was my favourite bird – the flamingo! We also saw lots of bird eggs. Did you know that the kiwi has the biggest egg compared to its body. And the ostrich has the smallest egg compared to its body. There was a model of a moa from New Zealand and we even saw a dodo! These are birds that are extinct.  Vivi found a wolf, that was next to a massive moose. There was even a polar bear which impressed Daddy. But there were all types of African animals too.

Upstairs in the museum there was a cave showing how people used to live. I liked the rock art. There were stegasauras and triceratop skeletons and a container to dig out your own fossils. There were lots of displays. I liked the bead work and there were some musical instruments to play.  Daddy liked the spears. It was fun. There was also a big map of Africa to put together.

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  1. hi Eleanor, we are enjoying your blog! Do you write about things on paper and then put them into your blog? Or do you write straight into the computer? love from Niamh and Jen


  2. Very interesting Eleanor. I am also scared that a butterfly might land on me !!!


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