Sehlabathebe National Park

We did a lot of bumpy roads to get to Sehlabathebe National Park. We camped next to an old lodge. The next day we did a really long walk. Daddy said it was the same as a half marathon! (21km)

We were trying to find Tsoelikanyane waterfall, but we got a bit lost. The path wasn’t very clear and there were no signs. Finally we found it! Daddy threw a rock and we counted to 4 before we saw it splash.


On the way back to the car Daddy nearly stood on a snake. It hissed at him. When we checked in our animal book, it looked like a Mozambique Spitting Cobra!! It was a bit scary.  We also found a porcupine spike. We were looking for a bearded vulture but the birds in the sky were up too high to see properly.

In the afternoon we looked around some of the rocks. They were very cool.  Some were like caves and had stone walls underneath. Some of the walls were for a house and others were a corral for animals. On the top of the rock you could see where the water had worn through. There was an arch, and one really big rock that looked like a table!

I saw a rainbow, it was beautiful. Then we headed back to Durban.


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  1. What an enormous walk! Eleanor, it is funny the way your Dad gets you girls to go & stand on the edge of overhanging rocks or on the edge of giant waterfalls… I think you must be very brave. I can’t remember your Dad doing the same thing – too close to a big drop! Fabulous set of photos of this adventure.


  2. What beautiful pictures! You must all have very strong legs after that long walk!!


  3. Wow a half marathon!! How long did it take you? Plus watch out for snakes from now on!


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