After Lesotho we went to a campground along the coast, because the Taniwha had to go back to the garage. The campsite was good because there was mini-golf, a playground with a trampoline (!) a swimming pool and the beach.  We made some friends called Daniel and Brody.

When Daddy was finally happy with the car, we hit the road. We went to a charity shop in Pinetown and I got some new books to read. I am now reading Alex Rider – it is really good! We also got a book on how to do a cat’s cradle. My favourite is the tea cup and saucer that changes to the Eiffel Tower.

We did lots of driving to get to Johannesburg so Daddy could buy an air jack. Then we drove all the way to the other side of South Africa to a place called Springbok.  We all did the parkrun, then we went to Namibia, and got a new flag on the car!!




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  1. Can you count up how many countries you have visited Eleanor? It seems like a lot!


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