No More Elephants!!

After Malawi we crossed into Zambia. The first night we stayed in the carpark of a castle! We wanted to go to the South Luangwa National Park but Daddy found some breaks in the chassis so we decided to go straight to Lusaka. It was a really long drive, and on the way a tyre had a blow out. Daddy changed it really quickly but there were 30 people watching us.

In Lusaka we stayed at a camp ground that had giraffes and zebra walking around! We had to stay there while Daddy took the car to a mechanic. I made some friends and learnt how to play a Swedish game called Kubb. It was really fun. We had two teams and had to knock 5 wooden blocks down, by throwing sticks. Then you had to knock the king stick down in the centre.

Then we went back to Wanderers Campsite in the centre of town. There were two others staying there that we had met overlanding before! (A Kiwi in Namibia and a Swiss family in Lesotho). Because Daddy was doing more car stuff I made a 4 wheel drive campervan for my toys. It had plastic bottle lids for wheels (thank you Michael!) It had a toilet, a sofa bed and I made cushions out of felt and a kitchen. I even had sand mats. We made a 4 wheel drive trail with mud, sand, a rocky pass and a bridge.

After Wanderers we went to the Lower Zambezi National Park. We stayed at a really pretty lodge right on the river. On the other side we could see Zimbabwe! Daddy tried to catch a tiger fish.

One day we went into the park. On the way in Mummy spotted a civet, a type of cat. The first thing we saw in the park where two big lions. They were fast asleep by the road and had really big tummies. Then we saw two more lions, and these ones were awake!

In the park we saw a jackal, impala, water buck, buffalo, monkeys, hippos, crocodiles,  mongoose and lots of different birds.

And we saw lots and lots of elephants. Often the elephants were on the road and we had to wait for them to move to get past. One young boy elephant flapped his ears at us and started to chase us.  We drove away quickly, and went round the corner to find more elephants! A mother with a baby elephant was also a bit agressive and flapped her ears. It was a bit scary.

Then when we were leaving the park, there was a tree that had fallen over the road and there were 4 elephants eating the bark. It was getting dark so Daddy had to find another way back to our campsite. And at our campsite there were more elephants!

Then, when we left the campsite to go to Livingstone, there were more elephants on the road out!  One elephant ran across the road in front of us really fast.

We have had enough of elephants.

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  1. When you leave Africa you might miss the Elephants! I hope you enjoyed the Honey Badgers today. Have you still got your car that you made the course for?


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