Victoria Falls

We went from Zambia to Zimbabwe. It was a really easy border and we crossed a big bridge to go over the Zambezi River. It was very impressive. We stayed at a campsite and then walked back to the Victoria Falls. We had to buy water because it was so hot.


At the falls there was a little path that you walk along. There were lots of viewpoints, like the Devil’s Pool. You can see the falls from both Zambia and Zimbabwe but it is so dry at the moment that you can only see it from Zimbabwe. The eastern side was completely dry! We saw people on the Zambian side swimming in a rock pool right on the edge of the falls! Even though there wasn’t much water in the falls there was still some spray. It was like a jungle and everything was green. I could imagine tigers walking through it! You could see the river at the bottom of the canyon, and there were people in a speed boat. There were also lots of helicopters flying over the falls too. It was very pretty, but I would like to go back when there is more water.

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  1. Very nice Eleanor. I would love to go there.


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