Yesterday the car was broken (a mere flesh wound, Ed.), so we had to take it to a Landrover Spares place.  After it was fixed we went to the DARK HEDGES. (scary voice).

The trees were all shaped differently and were funny.  The sign said it was the 5th best, beautiful tree tunnel in the world. They were beech trees and are about 200 years old.

After this we went to the Giant’s Causeway.  The stones had 5 or 6 edges and are made of basalt, which is heavier than a cube of chalk.  We walked to the causeway and could climb on the stones.  It was fun.

We had a pirate lunch at The Smugglers Inn. I had sausages, beans and mash, and it was called the ScoobyDoo.


Then we went to Ballygally and stayed at our friend Rob’s house.  His house was amazing. It had a stream running through it, a trampoline, 3 different swings and a mud kitchen.  My favourite was the bucket swing, and I liked the mud kitchen.


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  1. I love pirates! Did you see any that were not statues?


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