Isle of Man

Yesterday I went on a ferry to the Isle of Man.  This is an island between England and Ireland.  It has a red flag with three legs on it.

First we went to a big red waterwheel.  It was called Lady Isabella. It was huge and I got wet when we were climbing to the top.

Then we went to a Victorian house.  There was an activity trail and I got a ladybird backpack with a skipping rope, a magnifying glass and a kaleidoscope in it.  We had to go around the garden and find different animal pictures. There were also real sheep that were brown and had lots of horns (Devil Sheep! – Ed.).


Today I went to a beach and Peel Castle.  On the way we had an ice cream and a magician served it.  He did two magic tricks. He made a pen lid appear in his ear, and a rubber band pass through another rubber band!  Peel Castle was very old.

Then we went to the Sound where we saw the Calf of Man (a little island) and we saw seals in the water!

Then we went to Castletown and saw Castle Rushen. The castle had lots of fake people set up from the past.  In the Medieval room there were lots of tapestrys on the wall and we saw people eating a peacock.   They used their fingers and stale bread for plates.

Tomorrow we go back to England.


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  1. Looks like you are having so much fun! But I miss you…


  2. That sounds like fun.


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