The Ten Pieces

Yesterday I went to the Ten Pieces.  To get there we went on a train from Slough to Paddington then we walked across Hyde Park to the Royal Albert Hall.  At the front there were five statues one of Africa one of Asia and one of Prince Albert with two more that I can’t remember.

When we went inside we had to show our bags.  As soon as we sat down someone told us the Orchestra was missing so we all had to clap our hands to get the Orchestra to come out.  Last a spellcaster with a big stick and feather said the music will summon the Firebird back so the feather will be magic again.

My favourite was O Fortuna.  After that we walked back through Hyde Park and then to Paddington then we jumped on a train to Slough.  We all loved it.

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  1. Oh Eleanor – what a FABULOUS concert. What lucky girls you are! O Fortuna is my favourite as well. And I just loved the Firebird. You will remember this forever. X


  2. Hi Eleanor! Clementine and Molly will be very excited to follow along as you head off on your adventures with Taniwha. You’re a fabulous writer. What a wonderful concert, you lucky things. I’ll show the girls the videos in the morning. Xx Auntie Moni


  3. The Royal Albert Hall is a very special place and it sounds like you had a brilliant day. You are having so many amazing adventures!


  4. Hi Eleanor,
    The concert sounds wonderful, did you look up and see the mushrooms on the ceiling of the Albert Hall?
    Love Aunty Cat xoxo.


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