Roofrack/Bumper/Dive Cam

We have a new green toy.  One thing that we are very keen to do when travelling through interesting places is to get “over the bumper” footage (we intend to make a few videos to slap up on YouTube).  There are lots (LOTS) of options for actioncams that will do the job, ranging from around £20 for a crap one through to around £400 for the latest GoPro. Given the environments we will be travelling through, and the abuse the unit will suffer, we ended up selecting the unit that based on many independant reviews ranks highest on the Chuck Norris scale of invincibilty.  Footage quality was also a consideration, but survivability is paramount.

Enter the Olympus TG-Tracker.  This thing has even got “Tough” written on it. It is by no means the latest in video quality tech, but happily does 4K at 30fps (1080p at 60fps for slo-mo if we can be bothered with that). It’s Tough. It has lots of sensors.  Its Tough. It’s very water/dust/child proof.  Tough.  Much cheaper than a Go-Pro, and much tougher. I look forward to flexing my digital muscles. Tough.

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