Driving North to the Arctic Circle

***Delayed publishing 21-23/09/18***

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After Oslo, we spent a few days driving north. We had some nice campsites and a camp fire. One night was very cold and when we woke up the tent was covered in snow!

We visited Vemork power station. This was in one of Daddy’s favourite movies – The Heros of Telemark. It was bombed in World War 2.

We went to Trondheim and had McDonalds for lunch.  Daddy said it was the most expensive McDonalds in the world. £35!!

We crossed the arctic circle. This is at 66 degrees, 33 minutes latitude.  The North Pole is 90 degrees.  The South Pole is also 90 degrees.  The Equator is the centre of the earth and is at 0 degrees.  I thought there would be a line on the ground but there was only one in the building.

We also saw wild reindeer.

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