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Yesterday we had a nice drive from Adrian’s house to a new country: Norway. We had a nice lunch spot.


Today we had a long day in Oslo.  It was a very exciting day.

First we stopped at the Olympic ski-jump.  It was massive, but there was no snow on it.  I would not like to do a ski-jump!!

Then we went to a museum with different boats.  The first museum was about Thor Heyerdahl.  He had 2 boats. The first one was called the Kon-tiki.  It was like a raft made of balsa logs tied together. He used it to sail from South America to Polynesia.  It took 101 days at sea. Their pet parrot got eaten by a shark, they then tried to kill sharks but they never found their parrot.

The second boat was called the Ra. This one sailed from Morrocco to Barbados.  It took 57 days, and they had a pet monkey. This boat was made of papyrus reeds.  The first boat fell apart, but they made a second one.


After this we went to see the Fram.  This was my favourite boat, because we got to walk on it. The boat was very small and it was smelly. (Daddy said this was tar).  It was the first ocean going boat with a diesel engine, just like the taniwha! You could see the cabins where everyone slept.  The beds were small and didn’t look comfy. This boat was used by Roald Amundsen in the race to the South Pole.  He was racing against Captain Scott from England.  Amundsen won the race and Scott died on the way back from the pole, only 11 miles from his camp.  Amundsen used dogs to pull sleds with all their stuff.  When the dogs couldn’t pull anymore then they were fed to the other dogs, and the men.  I would not want to eat dog.

I also saw the tent and clothes that he used. It must have been very cold.

There were also stuffed polar bears and an igloo to crawl in. Daddy didn’t fit. I also tried on a dog harness and could pull 150kg, by myself. Mummy had to pull 300kg!

After the boats we went to a park with a lot of naked statues.  It was called the Vigeland Sculpture park after the man who made them. Genevieve climbed all over them. There were men, women, boys and girls and babies.  At the centre was a pole with people piled on top of more people.

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  1. I have been to see that big boat and that park. I enjoyed it as well.


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