After Finland we took a ferry to Estonia.

We stopped at a campsite at the Purita marina that was used in the 1980 Olympic Games. There was even an olympic torch still burning.

We did a walk around Purita, and saw lots of men fishing for herrings. We found a sandy beach and a forest of pine trees. Genevieve pretended to be a wolf. We also found a ruined convent. The crosses were a bit creepy.

Then we went to the old town of Talinn. It was very wet. We walked around the cobbled streets. We went into the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.  There was a lot of incense, and gold and silver paintings. We looked at some shops, then we had a pizza lunch!

Now we are camping under some pine trees, near a beach.  It is very beautiful.

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  1. Eleanor, your reports are so good! Grandpa and I are really enjoying reading them and seeing all the pictures as well. xxx


  2. What a fab holiday you are having.


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