Latvia and Lithuania

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We had a nice time on the beach. We drew a castle in the sand. Daddy did some work on the car.

Then we did a drive through Latvia, through the Gauja National Park. We had lunch, then walked over a big bridge. The trees were all yellow and orange and red. Very pretty.

The next day we drove to Riga, this is the capital city of Latvia. In Riga we had a yummy breakfast of pancakes with curd, sourcream and jam. We walked around the town and saw lots of pretty buildings and statues. There was a cat house that had cats on the roof. Then we went to a market and we bought a massive watermelon. Daddy really liked the market. (It used to be a WW1 Zepplin hangar). The market was really big. There was one hall for fish – it was smelly. One hall for cheese and nuts, one for meat, and one for bread and veges.

After Riga we drove to a new country, Lithuania. We stopped at the Hill of Crosses. There were thousands of crosses, some big and some small.  We learnt that the Soviets destroyed them and the local people would sneak back and put more crosses up. There were thousands of crosses.

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  1. Wow I like the statues of the Amarillo and the crosses. It looks like you are getting some nice autumnal weather!!!


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