Trakai Castle


***Delayed publishing 12/10/18***

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Today we went to the Lithuanian Folk Museum.  This was very big with lots of different houses. There was a man working on a loom and a lady making baskets. There was a church with wooden statues and lots of nativity scenes set up.  There was also a well and I had to pump to get the water up.

Then we drove to Traikai castle. It was on an island so we walked over 2 bridges. The castle was very big and had a tall courtyard in the middle. There was lots of porcelain princesses. There was also some beadwork that mummy liked. There was a treasury and you could see coins that had been saved in a jar. Daddy put his head in the stocks and then went in a cage called a gibbet.

We have also been spotting lots of big nests that were used by storks.


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  1. I like the picture of you hovering above the ground!!!


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