We have had a day and a half in Budapest. It has lots of beautiful buildings. The first afternoon we walked along the river Danube and looked around Pest.

We went into St. Stephen’s Basilica – it had lots of fake candles and big paintings and mosaics.

Today we walked into Pest again and saw the Parliament buildings. There was a memorial to the 1956 Uprising. Lots of people were killed by Soviets. There were bullet holes in the stairwell.

Then we crossed the river and went to Buda. We climbed a big hill to the castle.  We had pizza for lunch, and I had a strawberry icecream.

There are lots of statues in Budapest. We did a lot of walking. (about 35,000 steps!!!)

Categories: Eleanor, Roaming

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  1. Wow that is a lot of statues plus a lot of steps. I like that little frog statue.


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