Yesterday we got up early and drove from Croatia to Italy. We had a lazy afternoon at Camping Fusina. Genevieve and I played on our tablets in the car. A big storm came through with thunder and lightning.

Today we went to Venice! It was very exciting. We took a boat there. Venice is lots of islands with canals. There are no cars, only boats.

We spent lots of time wandering round the streets. There were lot of bridges. There were lots of shops selling fancy dress masks. I got a lacy one in blue and gold with feathers and a flower. Genevieve got a purple one. There were also shops selling pretty glass.

For lunch we went to a little courtyard. I had the best pizza with ham.  Daddy had seafood pizza. The waiter was very funny.

After lunch, Mummy, Genevieve and I went into the big Basilica. The roof was covered in lots of gold mosaics. It was very beautiful. Then we climbed up on to the roof by the four horses and looked over St Marks Piazza – which is a big square.

Then we did a gondola ride. Our gondolier was called Matteo, he had a stripey top and used an oar to make the boat go.  It was fun.

Then we took the boat back to the campground, and Daddy had another pizza for dinner!  Genevieve had a pizza with chips on it, but I had sausages.

Categories: Eleanor, Roaming


  1. Gosh, two pizzas in one day for Daddy! I loved the big church in St Marco’s Square as well – so much gold…


  2. What beautiful pictures!! Eleanor is so photogenic! That mask is lovely Genevieve good choice!! Xx


  3. Wow Venice looked lovely. It is good that no one fell in with all that boat riding!


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