Today we drove to Salzburg, one of Mummy and Daddy’s favourite places. We took a bus into the old town.

First we walked in the Mirabel gardens.  There were flowers laid out in pretty patterns and lots of statues. This was in the Sound of Music film.

Then we walked along the streets under the fortress.  There were lots of shops, my favourite was one with thousands of eggs.  The eggs had the inside blown out and were painted lots of different colours. Some had glitter and gems, and some had pictures painted.  I am going to try blowing eggs and painting them in England. We also saw nutcrackers and there were lots of shops with Mozart chocolates. Mozart (a composer) was born here.  We have listened to his music in the car.

Then we walked up to the fortress.  It was a long way up! The fortress has never been taken by force. We saw murder holes in the entrance way, where the soldiers would pour boiling water or oil on the people underneath. Then we went inside. There were displays on the military, which Daddy liked.

There was also a puppet museum. I liked these best, my favourite was Papageno and Papagena from the Magic Flute.

Then we took the cable car down back to the town. There were horses and carriages in the town too.

We also went into the Cathedral.  It was huge.



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  1. I love Salzburg as well. Did you get any eggs?


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