Yesterday we drove to Schwangau. That means swan in German. We went to two castles, and they both had lots of swan pictures.

Yesterday we went to Hohenschwangau. The castle was yellow. The queen had her own guest room, reading room, writing room, dressing room and bedroom. The king had his own rooms too on the floor above. There was a spiral staircase hidden in the wall connecting them. The rooms were all painted with beautiful pictures. Every room had a tile stove and the servants could heat them from inside the walls. So the king would never see the servants. I liked King Ludwig’s bedroom because there was a picture of a tree and the ceiling had a painted night sky.  The king put holes in the ceiling, and the servants lit oil lamps above to make it look like real stars. King Ludwig’s mother liked to climb mountains.

Today we went to Neuschwanstein.  This is the castle that King Ludwig built, but he died before it was completed. This castle was white stone. We went through the King’s rooms. They all had lots of paintings on the walls. Genevieve liked the throne room and the mosaic floor. I liked the singer’s hall, because it had a big painting of a forest.  King Ludwig even had a fake cave in the castle. He was a bit crazy!

The castles were incredible, but we could’t take photos inside, so you will have to see yourself…

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