Staying with people in the UK

*** Delayed Post, written in Portugal***

When we got back from Europe we had lots and lots to do, because we had sold the house.  We did heaps of cleaning, sorting and packing, and some men came to take all our stuff away to put in a container and send to New Zealand. When this was happening Vivi and I were being looked after by Helen, Cecile and Mary. We did lots of really fun stuff.

Daddy and I went to Borough Market without Mummy and Vivi, and I had a massive sausage.  Daddy had lots of cider and we saw lots of his old work friends.


I did a PowerPoint presentation for my class with pictures from all the places we have been to.  Genevieve did one for her class too.  It was really nice to see all my friends again.  I also went to my friend Metta’s house and played with her.

There were some things Daddy needed to fix on the car after our trip, so Dave stayed and helped him.  It was nice to see Dave (and the help was most appreciated – ed.).

After we moved out of the house we stayed with Cecile first and then Mary and Brett.  We had lots of yummy food and played with Alex and Lorien, and the dogs Bear and Sassy.

I also got my hair cut!

Just before we left the UK again we had a nice day in London.  We met our friends Bos and Keith for a coffee and went to Hamleys and saw the Christmas lights on Regent Street. At Hamleys we got nail polish and glow in the dark tattoos.  Mummy washed them off.  We also had a yummy pub lunch with Mel, Marcus, Amelia and Jemima.  We had double chocolate flowerpots for pudding!

Now we are on the road again!

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  1. Wow, Eleanor- the new haircut looks great! It’s lovely that you had a good catch-up with your class and with lots of different friends while you were back. Safe travels xx


  2. Loved seeing all the photos. Eleanor. That is the biggest sausage I have ever seen! What a lot of lovely friends you have – I hope some of them will come to New Zealand to stay with you. X Grandma Jenny


  3. Wow! No wonder you were so busy when you were back….so many people to see and so many places to visit. We loved seeing you all and hearing about your trip. Your trips to London sound like they were great fun….Borough Market always has such tasty food and Hamleys is a kids’ heaven! We hope you are enjoying Spain and Portugal.


    • Hello to Jonny and Rose! It rained in Spain a lot! We are going to Porto tomorrow and then heading south. What were your favourite things to do in Lisbon?


  4. It was so great to see you all and to introduce you and Vivi to a very friendly Bear, I mean puppy 🙂


  5. Hi Eleanor it’s me Metta I was wondering where are you going next like for example India ore scandaniva yea so are you going to put it on your blog and I really liked reading your blog and have a fun time travelling from your friend Metta🌈


  6. That looked like a fun time in England to end your time there. You are now nomads!!!! Have a good trip!! Love AUNTY 🐈


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