Colditz Castle

Yesterday we went to Colditz Castle. This castle was a prison in World War 2, used for soldiers that were either high ranking or because they had escaped from other prisons. Lots of people tried to escape. Some soldiers made a glider (but it wasn’t used because they didn’t finish it before the war ended). Some dug tunnels. One soldier dressed up as a woman. Some people escaped, but lots didn’t make it.

Then we did a very long drive to Cologne. The first campsite was closed, but we saw Daddy’s friend Christian. So we went to another campsite on the river Rhine. We walked along the river to a restaurant, where we met Daddy’s friends Michael and Gabi. Michael is actually a real giant. I had chicken nuggets – but it was called Donald Duck!

Then we drove back to England. There was a big storm and it was very windy. We went on the Eurotunnel. We parked the car on a train. It was fun.

In England, the car broke down about 1 mile from our house. Daddy had to crawl under the car and he took off the broken bit. Then we got home.

It is nice to sleep in my bed.

Categories: Eleanor, Roaming


  1. I bet mummy liked the oboe!!


    • She did!!!! They were performing an oboe concerto when some prisoners tried to escape – the conductor was going to pause the music when the guards backs were turned and it was safe for them to go!


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