The Road to Sidi Ifni

We stayed two nights in Zagora while Daddy did some car repairs.  We played with our new German friends.  We walked into the town to get a new spare air spring, (but it was the wrong one), and on the way back I had a pizza for lunch.  We also had a good look at a local shop that sold pretty material, necklaces bracelets, rings, and lanterns hanging from the ceiling.  Daddy bought a necklace that is a Taureg compass, to use with the stars. Daddy had some mint tea, but we just ate the sugar cubes!

After Zagora we headed to the Anti Atlas mountains. We stopped at an interesting museum of art and culture.  We saw lots of different tools used by Moroccan people. There was a model of a well and the different ways people got water. In some places they only collected water once a week! We saw saddles for donkeys and camels. We saw traditional costumes of different tribes. There were also lots of different spices and how they were used by a fakir, or medicine man.

The manager also took us into the next door guest house, and we went right to the roof for a good view.

Then we went up the Draa valley to Uarzazate and a campsite at Skoura. Skoura is in an oasis, this is where there is water in the desert and the only bits of green.  We have also seen a mirage, where it looks like water in the distance, but there isn’t any. There was a swimming pool at the campsite, but it was a bit cold. On the way we saw a solar collector. It is the biggest in the world and was very bright.

In the morning we went to the kasbah, or fort.  Daddy was very excited because it was used in one of his favourite movies, Lawrence of Arabia. We saw the massive key to open the door, and another olive press. We went right to the roof and saw lots of palm trees. We have been eating lots of dates, though Vivi doesn’t like them.

We then took the MA4 route to Sidi Ifni. The MA4 is a windy route through the Anti Atlas mountains.  It was very rocky. We stopped at some painted rocks that were done by a Belgian painter.  They were blue and pink, and looked a bit strange. Daddy said it was graffiti. We saw lots of Argan trees, but we were hoping to see a goat in one.  We did see a fox and some rock hyrax. The view was nice, but some of the drivers were crazy! Daddy said lots of bad words.

Now we are in Sidi Ifni. There is a beach and we saw our German friends again. Tomorrow we are going to a Souk, or a market. I am looking forward to it.



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  1. It looks like it is warm there now Eleanor. What did you think the paintings were?
    The landscape looks really interesting and different there. Do you like the sand?


    • Yes, it is nice and warm! The paintings were by a Belgian man who spray painted the boulders. It looked a bit strange. The sand dunes were big and I liked running down them.


  2. That fort looked like fun. Plus you are lucky to be able to see snow and warm weather in the same week. Are you enjoying your trip?


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