MS5, MS6 and MS7

We have spent the last few days offroading.  We did a route called MS6 from Merzouga to Tagounite, and then did MS7 from Mhamid to Foum Zguid.  Then we did MS5 to Zagora.

It was a very bumpy road and we are all dusty!

On the first day there was a big scary dip.  When there is rain, it would be a river but now it is dry.  Me, Mummy and Genevieve walked it and Daddy drove.


Then we did more driving.  There was another little climb and when we came down the air spring on the car popped.  Luckily Daddy had the part to fix it.  He fixed it in under two hours.  A guy from the local village came to “help”.


Not long after that we drove in some sand dunes and the car got stuck.  Mummy and Daddy had to get out and dig and clear the tyres.  But that didn’t work.  So we put sand mats under the back tyres.  That didn’t work either.  Then they put the sand mats under the front tyres and they did more digging under the car.  Finally we were free!


After this it was just bumpy.  We camped in the desert and we played football in the world’s biggest football stadium!  It was fun.

We went through some military checkpoints, they wanted to see all our papers.


I have learnt all about sand. We went through sand called fesh fesh.  This is very powdery dirt, like talcum powder.  It is all through our car.  I also learnt that desert sand is easier to get stuck in than beach sand.  This is because desert sand has round particles and you sink in.  Beach sand has jagged particles that stick together and you don’t sink.


We also went past a mesa which is a table top mountain.

There were lots of different landscapes.

On the last night two wild donkeys came up to our tent.  Daddy gave them some water.

Now we are in Zagora at a campsite to all have showers. There were some scary bits but it was fun. The best bit is camping in the desert under the stars and seeing the sunrise/sunset.






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  1. What an exciting time you are having! We loved reading about the desert and think you have some amazing photos. Xx Grandma Jenny


  2. Amazing pics!! What an adventure – you are so brave! I’m thinking of you whilst enjoying a kir royal and a mince pie 😂😘 Munirah

    Girls are watching movies all day everyday at school! You are definitely not missing out!!


  3. That is really interesting about the sand particles I did not know that. I have driven on sand at the beach in Oreti but never in the desert.


  4. I wish I could play in a football pitch as big as that! Your photos are amazing and we love reading about what you are doing Eleanor. You are really good at describing everything.
    Were you worried that your car would never come out of the sand?!
    What were the wild donkeys like?


    • Yes, I thought we would be stuck in the sand and we would have to use the winch to get out. But Mummy and Daddy did a lot of digging! I had baked beans while I watched them. The wild donkeys came really close after we gave them water. But I didn’t go too close.


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