Christmas in Marrakesh

After Sidi Ifni we drove to Marrakesh. We went over the High Atlas mountains on a road called the Tizi-n-Test.  Tizi means mountain pass.  It was a bit scary as there were lots of hair pin turns and when you looked down, it was a long way to the bottom. At one point there was a rock hanging over the road. At the top there was a sign saying we were at 2100m. It took a long time to drive down the other side.

The best part of the drive was seeing goats in the argon trees. That was a bit weird!

We went to a campsite just outside Marrakesh. As it was Christmas Eve, Genevieve and I made a Santa sign out of stones and sticks, so Santa could find us. We decorated a tree and hung up our stockings in the tent.


On Christmas Day we checked our stockings and they had barbie clothes and chocolates in them.  Mummy and Daddy gave us each a lego set.  I got the Lego friends Pizzeria and Genevieve got a Sleeping Beauty castle.

Then we took a taxi into Marrakesh. First we went to the Bahia Palace.  It had lots of empty rooms, but they were very pretty. All the walls and ceilings were decorated with tiles or painted flowers, arabic writing and lots of scrolls. There was even a secret garden in the middle.

Then we walked to the main square – Djemaa el-Fna. We saw snake charmers but we didn’t go too close because they would put the snake on your shoulders. I do not like snakes! They were playing loud music. There were also lots of henna stalls and I got some henna on my hand. It was like chocolate icing when she put it on and I had to keep my hand still till it dried. She put glitter on it too. When it dried, it started to crack and came off my hand. Now it is an orangey pattern, it looks good.

For lunch we went to a cafe. I had a chicken tajine and it was yummy. Mummy had couscous, and Daddy had a meatball tajine. Mine was the best.

Then we walked around the medina, which is the old city. There were lots of tiny shops selling lanterns, tajines, woven baskets, carpets, slippers, food, clothes and wooden things. Lots of the shop keepers would yell to get you to go and look at their stuff. I would say “non, merci” which means no thank you in French.

Then we went back to the campsite and we built our lego.

Merry Christmas to everybody!!



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  1. Merry Christmas Eleanor. You had a wonderful and diverse Christmas this year!!


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