The High Atlas

For two days we did another route called MH18. This was through the High Atlas mountains. At Imi-n-Ifri there was a big rock bridge that we drove over. There were big stalactites, but we didn’t get a photo.

After this we saw dinosaur footprints. They were from a Megalosauripus dinosaur, which is about 2 metres tall. It is a carnivore, which means it eats meat. I could only just get my feet to reach between footprints.

We went over lots of mountain passes, with windy roads and hairpins. The highest pass was at 2,774m! After that we found some snow to play in!!

We drove through lots of villages. There were lots of shepherds and their sheep, and people with donkeys.  We stopped at a house where four ladies were making a rug. It was all done by hand. It was interesting to watch, but they didn’t speak any english.

We did a wild camp by the Cathedral Rock, and saw lots of stars. Then we drove to Fes.

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  1. Wow what an interesting blog. I liked the footprint photo best. I wonder how big the dinosaur was?


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