Paper Making

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Since Spain we have been driving north. We had a yummy lunch of wraps on the beach, but Vivi dropped hers in the sand.

Then we drove through Andorra. It was very cold and the snow was icy. We saw people skiing and on snow mobiles. We had nachoes for lunch. We took a windy mountain road rather than go through the tunnel to France. It was a good view.

In France we stayed at a campsite next to a church.  The bells were very noisy.  In the night my hot water bottle got a hole and my sleeping bag got all wet. Daddy put the hottie outside and in the morning it was gone. We think it was a fox or a dog. It also took one of our metal cups. But left the woolly cup holder. It was a mystery!

Then we went to a Paper Mill. A lady gave us a tour and it was very interesting. We saw paper made from papyrus (like the Egyptians) and from animal skin.  At this mill, they make paper from old paper, or from clothes, or from elephant or horse poo! The paper is made from the plant skeleton which is called cellulose. She cut up some jeans using a big knife. In the old days children aged 6 and 7 used to do it! Then she put it in a machine that would cut it up and smush it into a paper paste. Then she made some paper and we had a go too! You had to put a screen into the water, mixed with paste, then lift it out.  The water would come out, and you put the paper on some wet wool, then you covered it and put it in a press to push more water out.  I made two pieces of paper. She showed us how they make watermarks in paper where they put a shape on the screen and it makes the paper thinner.  They sometimes make really big pieces of paper and need a swimming pool to put the paper paste in, and they need 8 men to lift it!

Vivi making paper:

Me making paper:


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  1. Wow Eleanor – that is a fabulous video Daddy took of you making paper! Very interesting. It is great waking up in the morning and reading all about what you have been doing. Xx


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