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Today we went to Versailles. I had a delicious pain au chocolate for breakfast.

At Versailles, we looked around the palace and then went to the gardens.  In the palace we saw a movie about how it has changed over time. We saw the state apartments and lots and lots of pictures and statues.  There was a hall of mirrors, with lots of chandeliers. Daddy liked the gallery of battles with pictures of all the battles that France has won. I learnt about King Louis XIV, who was called the sun king.  He moved his whole court to the palace. so there were 10,000 people there. I even saw his bedroom. Then there was a revolution and a lot of people had their heads chopped off.  Then there was an emperor called Napoleon, and his wife Josephine.

We had lunch in the gardens and chased all the crows. There were lots of fountains but they weren’t working because it was winter. I liked the topiary trees that were shaped like snowmen!

We saw the Trianon Palace, which was their summer house. There was a Grand Trianon and a Petite Trianon.  Every room was a different colour. I liked the library best.

We really liked walking round the Queen’s hamlet which had farm buildings.

At the end we visited the coach gallery and saw coaches and pretend horses that were used in processions and funerals. There were TV screens that let you look inside the carriage.  My favourite was the gold one with grey horses. It was used by Napoleon.  Even the children had coaches pulled by goats or sheep. There were also sleds that they used in winter.

We walked 27,000 steps today, so now I am tired.

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