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Yesterday we went to Paris. To get there, we went on a bus, and then the Metro. First we walked to the Notre Dame Cathedral. It has three rose windows, that are huge. They are stained glass windows and very pretty. There was a tower that we didn’t go up, because we wanted lunch.

For lunch I had chicken nuggets and chips and salad.  Daddy had mussels, and Mummy had an omlette. For pudding I had hot chocolate cake with cold custard.

After lunch we went to a medieval museum that has the Cluny Tapestries. There were six tapestries of a lady with a unicorn and a lion. Five of the tapestries showed the five senses. For example, in the touch one, the lady was holding the unicorn’s horn.  That was Vivi’s favourite. In the taste one the lady was feeding a parrot. In the smell one the lady was making a flower garland. In the sound one the lady was playing an organ. In the sight one the lady was holding a mirror up to the unicorn. That was my favourite. In the last tapestry the lady was holding a necklace. There was also a narwhale horn in the museum. It was really long and twisted.

Then we walked past the Louvre. This is a famous museum with lots of paintings. It is really really big.

We bought some macaroons! I chose a raspberry one, but there were lots of different colours and flavours.


Then we walked to the Eiffel Tower. It is very impressive. We can see it from the campsite at night.  It is all lit up, with a search light at the top. We did a lot of walking. 26,000 steps!!



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