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Today we went to uShaka. This is an aquarium near the beach front in Durban.


When we walked in there was a big whale skeleton called ‘Misty’. It was a Southern Right Whale.  It said it needed to eat 600kg per day – that is 6 Daddys every day! It eats really tiny animals called zooplankton.

First we saw a dolphin show. It was really good. The dolphins did lots of jumps and twists and flips. One balanced a ball on its head. We got to go really close and the dolphin nodded at us. Then it did a big jump and splashed us. We got really wet. We saw a dolphin’s belly button and the dolphin waved its tongue at us! I learnt that dolphins only sleep one side of their brain at a time.

Then we walked around the aquarium. We saw lots of fish, plus sharks, sting rays, eels, jelly fish, seahorses, lobsters, a small octopus and a big green turtle. I had lots of favourites. I liked a pineapple fish – when it opens its mouth there is a light inside to attract small fish. I also liked the coachmen, they are stripey. There was one fish that had decorations that looked like a china plate. There was also a unicorn fish that had a ‘horn’ at the top of its head. There was a really angry looking shark too.

We went to a penguin show, where we saw the keeper feed them fish. She said that you couldn’t look at the penguins to tell if they were boys or girls, the only way to tell the difference was to do a blood test. We also held a fake penguin egg. They were a bit smelly.

I had a slushy that made my tongue blue! It was a fun afternoon.


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  1. That looks like a fun day. I love dolphins. What is your favourite of the ones you saw?


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