Khotso Horse Trails Campsite

While we were waiting for the Taniwha, we did a little road trip. We went to a place near Underberg called Khotso Horse Trails Campsite. On the drive there were lots of pot holes in the road, Daddy had to swerve them or he said we could break the hire car’s axle. Then it started to rain, that filled the pot holes up and made them difficult to see. It rained ‘rhinos and hippos’ and there was hail too. The hail was so hard we thought it might dent the car!

It stopped raining when we got to the campsite. We slept in our new tent and it was a bit strange to be so low to the ground. At night there was a big storm and there were lots of lightening flashes.  There were also lots of frogs, some were really big!


The next day me, Vivi and Mummy went horse riding. My horse was called Baby Socks and Vivi’s was called Tess. Mummy had to lift me on my horse because I was too short. My horse was brown, with a black mane. I had to put my feet in the stirrups and hold the reins tight. To make your horse go you had to make a click click noise with your mouth. The horses were very good at following each other. We went up a big hill, and had to lean forward. It was a bit scary. Then we went through some fields and saw antelope in the distance.  When we came back some of the horses rolled in the dry dusty mud. There was a foal too.  It was very fun and I would like to do it again!

We went for a walk along the river. We were looking for the ‘Blues Pool’ but we walked too far and didn’t find it till we were on the way back. It was smaller than we expected. The walk was bad because I got scratched by some wild raspberry thorns.

The campsite had two border collies and a three legged dog called Boris. My favourite was the cat called Pebbles. But Vivi liked to throw sticks for Boris.

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