Horse Riding

We went camping.  We went on a horse ride. My horse was called Tess. I loved it. I loved the campground because it had horses and dogs. I liked the 3 legged dog, he played stick with me.  I touched a frog and it leaped away.  It was really big.


Categories: Genevieve


  1. Looking very confident Vivi! Daddy needs to get you a horse when you are back home 😁 Enjoy your travels!! The weather seems much nicer where you are!!! Big hug xxx


  2. I love your drawing of Tess, Vivi. And your story. Did you see any tadpoles ?grandpa loves them! Xx


  3. Vivi I am on holiday so I haven’t shown your blog to Lorien yet but I am sure she will like to see the pictures of you horse riding. Was it difficult to get the pony to go in the direction you wanted? Do you still want a pony when you are bigger?


    • Yes, I still want a pony when I am bigger! (hmmmm says Mum) It wasn’t difficult to get the pony to go in a different direction, but it was difficult to make the pony go faster. They just wanted to follow the horse in front.


  4. Fun!!!!! From Aunty Cat.


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