Kit review – Kuma Wifi Booster

We have had this bolted onto the Taniwha for a while now, and tonight it is really earning its keep.  We are camped about 600m from the lodge in bad weather, and without the booster we get precisely 0% link quality (i.e. absolutely nothing).  With our super high gain antenna, we not only get to grow extra heads on the kids but we also get 97% strength, with a 65Mb/s link speed.  Happy days…  When we flick the magic Wifi switch on the dash, and plug in the antenna (taking care to point it in the general direction of the hotspot – it is directional) we can then log into the Taniwha network, configure the un/pw for the hotspot, and we are good to go.  Laptop, tablets, phones, just like at home…  a marvellous bit of kit (and it is 12v too, so we have it hardwired in, a real bonus). Link here if anyone is in the market.

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